The following reminder should help get you off to a good start.

Recyclables that are accepted throughout Denver include:

Clean aluminum, such as cans, foil, pie plates, trays, and soda cans-please rinse them.

Glass bottles and jars-again, please rinse. No caps or lids.

Steel and empty aerosol cans (we have bins for these downstairs near the Shop, along with bins for batteries and hazardous materials.)

  • no punctures, no caps or lids
  • paper labels are ok

Plastic bottles and jars

  • neck of the bottle must be smaller than the bottom, or have a screw-on lid
  • NO LIDS-these must go in trash. Paper labels are okay, but remove plastic labels.


  • cannot be wax coated
  • pieces no larger than 2 feet x 2 feet

Brown paper bags

Office paper and junk mail

  • staples, paper clips, stamps, tape, and sticky notes are OK
  • plastic windows in envelope are OK
  • no fluorescent colors, plastic wrappers, or Tyvek envelopes

Magazines, catalogs, and phone books

This list and more information can be found at Denver Government’s website