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Question Answer
Do owners pay two assessments? Yes. Owners belong to The Residential Association and the Master Association.  Hammersmith Management manages the Residential Association.   The Master Association is managed by Sessions Group.   Assessments from the Residential Association are a fixed monthly amount, based on unit square footage and paid from coupons sent out  once as year.    Assessments for the Master Association vary monthly as there are utility charges each month.  


When are assessments due? Assessments for the Residential Association are due on the 1st of every month. Late charges are incurred and bear interest if not paid on or before the 15th.


What does the Residential Assessments Cover? Exterior and Interior Building Maintenance; Common Area Maintenance; Trash; Gas; Fitness Center; Guest Suite maintenance; Recycling; onsite staff and HOA and building insurance.


What does the Master Association Assessments Cover? Maintains perimeter (concrete, parking lots, garages, etc.) and landscaping.


When are the Residential Association Board Meetings held?


Meetings are held in the conference room, every last Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Owners are encouraged to attend.




When is the Residential Association Office Open?


On-Site Office Hours are Monday- Friday 9am- 5pm and Saturdays 9am- 4pm. 




What is the Residential Association’s Concierge Contact Information?


Concierge hours are Monday- Friday 6am- 10pm and  Weekends 8am- 10pm. Holiday hours are 10am-4pm. (720) 200-2832.




What is the Residential Association’s Office Contact Information? During Office Hours management can be reached at (720) 200-2830 or by calling concierge. For after hours emergencies please call (303) 980-0700.


What is the Master Association’s Office Contact Information? The Master Association is managed by Sessions Group. The Master Association manager is Mr. Steve Trythall.  He may be reached at (303)779-1489 or


How do I schedule moves and deliveries? All moves and deliveries need to be scheduled 3 days in advance with management. Please contact management or concierge for a move request form. Once the move/ delivery has been approved by management the freight elevator will be reserved.


How do I hold my mail? Please contact USPS to setup any up any forwarding or holding services


How can I reserve the guest suites? All reservations are made through Concierge. There are two studio guest suites, one on the  2nd floor and one on the 11 th.  Units may be reserved up to 2 months in advance for up to 7 consecutive evenings.   The fee is $80 per night.  Check-in is 3:00p.m. and check-out is 11:00a.m.


If I make changes to the inside of my unit do they need to be approved? Yes. All changes must be revieed and approved in advance by management before any work may be completed. An Architectural Change Request must be filled out with as much detail as possible and turned into management. ACR forms can be found on the website  or by contacting concierge.


How do I rekey or order additional keys to my unit? All orders are placed through concierge. A new core with one key is $65. A new hard key is $25. New fobs and swipes $10. Garage door transponders are $60.


Where does the drain go that is on my terrace? The drain on each terrace is only to direct the natural snowmelt and rainfall from your terrace off of the side of the building.  It is important that you do not flush anything down this drain, including washing the terrace off, as it pours it out on top of all of the units below your unit.


How often are the windows cleaned? The exterior windows are cleaned semi annually.  If a resident would like the interior of their windows or their terrace windows cleaned, a sign up is provided prior to the window cleaning so that you may request the service from the window cleaning provider.  Costs start at $45 per unit and is payable directly to the window cleaning contractor.